Information For Authors

Articles, submitted for consideration to the Editorial Board, and other author's materials are thoroughly reviewed (internally and peer reviewed). At the same time, decisions on publication are made by the editorial board and are not reviewed to authors. Surnames and co-ordinates of internal and peer reviewers, as well as the content of their reviews is a confidential information that cannot be divulged.

Manuscripts of scientific papers must comply with the requirements of the Decree of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine on 15 January, 2003 No.7-05/1. They should contain the following necessary elements:

- statement of the problem in general form and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks;

- an analysis of the main researches and publications, in which the solution of this problem has been initiated and on which the author relies; highlighting the previously unresolved parts of the general problem, to which this article is devoted;

- formulation of the objectives of the article, detailed description of the study with full justification of the scientific results obtained, conclusions from this study and prospects for further research in this direction.

The abovementioned elements in the manuscript of a scientific publication are obligatory, but do not require an explicit underlining in the article. The basic criterion for assessing manuscripts in this context is the presence of these components in the manuscript, their conformity to the IMRAD format (introduction, methods, results and discussion).

We ask authors to pay special attention to the following:

  1. Section of the article "Analysis of recent publications" by volume should be from 20 lines (0.5 pages of A4 format).
  2. In the "Analysis of recent publications" section authors are not just list the names of scientists, but also briefly note their contribution to the problem being solved, and also refer to the most significant work on this issue (in the authors' opinion) in () and, accordingly, in the lists of references. 
  3. In conclusions it is necessary to emphasize the personal scientific contribution of the author (authors), to whom and what the author recommends to do in connection with the conducted research, and not only to generalize the main provisions of the paper.
  4. Conclusions on the article by volume should be from 20 lines (0.5 pages of A4 format).

Detailed requirements for publications are here.