The big data and analytics effect analysis on the real and public sectors of economy and the problems of their assessment by statistical methods

Viktoriia D. Chekina, Sviatoslav I. Kniaziev


Big Data and Analytics is one of the key technologies, on which the digital transformation of the economy is based. The implementation of this technology into production would allow optimizing product’s quality, reducing energy consumption, and improving the maintenance of equipment, manufacturing and management systems. Use of Big data in the public sector is seen as a tool for building a safer society, enhancing the administrative functions’ performing, forecasting and reducing government spending.In this regard, the paper identified the advantages and barriers to the implementation of Big data in activities of enterprises and organizations; analyzed the main fields of companies' operations that offer technical support and other services, related to the use of Big Data. It has been established that a new direction of business activity, based on management and analysis of Big data, is the most dynamic and growing segment of the IT industry.It is revealed that now there is a shortage of state-recognized statistical information on the use of Big Data and Analytics in enterprises’ activities and their impact on the final output of goods and services in an economy.Based on the results of the analysis, the paper offered to improve the definition of the term “goods” in the Classification of Economic Activities DK 009: 2010 of the National Classifier of Ukraine and to pay attention to indicators that can act as markers for analyzing the development of the Big Data’s domestic market: the number of companies, operating in the field of Big Data and Analytics (Big Data vendors); amount of income of these companies from the production of equipment and software for Big Data and Analytics; the number of companies and enterprises, which are used Big Data and Analytics in their business (size, activities, regions); amount of investments in Big Data; the share of companies’ income, generated by the Big Data use, etc.


Big Data and Analytics; Big Data market; digital technologies; optimization; forecasting; statistical information; statistical methods; assessments

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