Directions of «smart» industry development strategy in ukrainian realities

Larysa O. Zbarazska


This paper deals with problems of forming the strategy for «smart» industry development with focus on the defining of its priority directions.The strategic importance of transition to the «smart» production of Ukrainian industry in conditions of global challenges, world industrial trends and internal tasks of social and economic development are highlighted. Constant ICTs’ improvement and new formats of their application in industrial processes and products created the real basis for transformation of traditional plants to «smart» systems. They are examined as a key strategic factor for provision of high adjustment, social and economic efficiency, as well as global competitiveness of national economies in modern world. As a long-term process and the one that demand high investments, forming of the«smart» industry requires defining the strategy, goals and directions, which must be adequate to priorities of both economic and social development of the country.An analytical model’s concept is offered for designation of the priority directions of the«smart» industry development strategy. The analytical model embraces six subject blocks: motivation to "smart" innovation; identification of directions; key factors of directions’ development; potential of directions; estimated risks; readiness to realization (initial conditions).It is argued, that motivation of key subjects (society, state, business) to implement «smart» innovations today is not clearly formed, strategically realized and institutional provided. An establishing of «smart» industry envisages availability of a system and complex of innovations, which affect interests of many subjects in industrial and contiguous spheres of activity. Therefore, it is important to be oriented on the wide spectrum of concerted strategic goals of society and economy development, as well as potential consequences and risks of the newest "smart" technologies’ application.In the context of strategic priorities of social and economic development of Ukraine it is suggested to include in the strategy such peculiar directions, as providing the national security (on all complex of aspects), development and economic efficiency of production, environmental protection, human capital development, local economies development, integration into the global manufacturing network.The conclusions on economic significance, spheres, social and economic consequences of key «smart» technologies’ application in Ukrainian industry (industrial robotics, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things) are that the latter have substantial influence on increase of factor and general efficiency of manufacturing. Primary concerns of industrial policy are outlined for the effective formation of "Industry 4.0" on the basis of «smart» innovations.


manufacturing industry; industrial strategy; industrial policy; «smart» technologies; innovation; "industry 4.0"; Ukraine

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