Determining the rational amount of subsurface mining: marginal approach

Volodymyr H. Hrinov, Andrii O. Khorolskyi


The bowels of our country are endowed with wealth in the form of various mineral deposits, including strategic ones, but none of these deposits has been properly developed even since times of independence. One of the factors of this situation is the lack of professional attitude to the complex scientific and technical problem of the effective development of valuable deposits with environmentally harmful production, which is located almost in the center of Europe.

The purpose of the paper is to solve the problem of effective development of mineral deposits by determining the format of shaping the rational volume of the mineral wealth mining.

The object of the study is the classic economic techniques and environmental issues, taking into account the technological aspects of the final product manufacturein the development of deposits. Based on this material, using well-known performance criteria and optimization methods, we can justify the design space – an area defined by all design parameters that can ensure rational nature management.

In order to conduct research and to develop recommendations for reducing the cost of the mineral deposit developing, as well as for decreasing the negative impact on the environment, the appropriate software has been developed.

The approaches presented in the study can be applied for preliminary calculations of the rational volume of the specific product production at the design stage of the operation of a new field by a mining enterprise.

Thus, the research of the technological aspects of rational level of production formation shows that it serves as the main technological parameter which affects the efficiency of subsurface mining. The proposed approach may be used to demonstrate possibilities of the effective development of valuable mining resources and it also may be used for the creation of powerful anchor projects regarding the development of Ukraine’s own mineral resources sector. This, in turn, will be an example of transforming new knowledge in specific applied methods and technologies.

For further development of the proposed approach, we should focus on the creation of the optimal environmental design technology involving modern information technology.


opening of a deposit, environment conservation, final output, technological parameters, marginal approach, profit, outlay, software, efficient operation

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