Method of assessing additional costs for enterprise at transition to EU environmental standards in field of air protection

Mariya Yu. Zanizdra


The ratification of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union leads to tightening the environmental requirements for pollutant emissions. The correction of environmental and industrial investment policy is appropriate. This causes the relevance of the establishment of appropriate mechanisms and tools. Therefore, the method of estimating the incremental costs of the enterprise during the transition to the environmental standards of the European Union in the field of air protection has been developed. The proposed method of calculation allows determining the lower limit of the additional investment needed to meet environmental emission standards of the EU.The method proposed includes three main phases of calculations. The first is to determine the conditional "superfluous" masses of air pollution in tons of specific substances at the enterprise taking into account the following two conditions: maintaining the current outgoing gas emissions from stationary sources due to the level of technology development and production volumes; tightening the standards for maximum allowable emissions for the substances in the transition to European standards of production. The second stage is to establish regression dependence (exponential function) between the total emission of pollutants into the atmosphere and the level of environmental financing in the framework of direction "Protection of ambient air and climate change" at the target enterprise. The third stage is assessment of the amount of additional costs (capital and operational) needed to comply with environmental standards for maximum permissible emissions of the substances according to EU environmental requirements.


association agreement; Ukraine; European Union; pollutants; maximum permissible emission; enterprise; air; method of assessing; capital investment; operational costs

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