Mobilization of social resources of internally displaced persons from industrial regions of Ukraine for ensuring development of local communities

Olga F. Novikova, Larysa L. Shamileva


The essence of internally displaced persons (IDPs) resource potential is identified along with its role and importance in ensuring the viability and development of the local community, the assessment of the level of employment and educational potential of IDPs is provided, multi-vector nature of their impact on community life is analyzed. The main factors and terms of inclusion of IDPs in solving the problems of territorial communities and enabling its development are systematized. The conditions of transformation of social potential of displaced persons into the resources of social development are grounded, which include the presence of social networks and their respective normative and value system. The scientific-methodical bases are developed and the conditions are identified as for the mobilization of IDPs social resources and effectiveness of mobilization in ensuring the development of local communities, the examples of such mobilization in solving the problems of both the displaced persons and the local community are given.


internally displaced persons; resource potential; social resources; mobilization of social resources; community development

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