Strategy of ecologically directed innovative development of chemical industry

Alla M. Tkachenko, Angela M. Vakulich


In the article the state of chemical industry in a post-crisis period is analysed. Chemical industry has been one of the basic industries in the Ukrainian economy, but presently it is in the crisis state. The basic factors which have negative influence on the financial results of enterprises activity of chemical industry are determined. In the given situation the issue of the day is finding a direction for chemical industry development. In modern terms the development of any sector of economy can take its place only on the base of innovations, therefore technological innovations came forward a research object in the chemical sector of production, and also innovative developments in the area of creation of ecologically safe new types of products. The purpose of the article is to ground a choice of strategy of the ecolog-ically directed innovative development of chemical industry. As a result of the research it was determined that biotechnology is one of the priority directions of innovative development of leading world economies. The development of bioindustry in different countries is analysed and the directions of its use are determined. Forming of bioindustry in Ukraine is possible on the base of chemical industries. The directions of using biogeotechnologies in chemical production are determined, as well as the preconditions for their origin. One of the main directions of development of biogeotechnologies is a production of biopolimers and products on their basis. A production of biopolimers and creation of products on their basis is the innovative approach to solving the problems of both chemical production and ecological consequences. It is well-proven that the main advantage in the production of biopolimers is an own source of raw materials of phytogenous (grain-crops). It is resulted in the dynamics of production of corn in Ukraine which has substantial growth over the last years. Greater part of export of corn is offered to keep in the country with the purpose of the deep processing in biomaterials. During the realization of the strategy of the ecologically directed innovative development of chemical industry the possibility of display of synergetic effect occur in the creation of innovative chemical products on the base of domestic raw material, increase of efficiency of the use of Agro-Industrial Complex, development of the depressed regions of the country, decrease of anthropogenic influence on nature from the side of the production activity of man.


hi-tech products; innovative development; bioindustry; biogeotechnologies; synergistic effect; ecological safe product

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