Industry and Industrial Policy of Ukraine 2013: current trends, risks and opportunities. Part 1.

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More close attention to the development of industry and industrial policy is one of the main tendencies of modern world economy trends. Wide acknowledgment of important role of industry in the current pressing issues was reflected in new tasks on accelerated development of industry, which is the generator of scientific and technical progress and innovations, as well as an important factor of global competitiveness of national economies and a driver of the economy growth. Ukraine also needs to use the indicated advantages of the industry more actively taking into account current situation in Ukraine and beyond its boundaries.In the scientific and analytical report the compound characteristics of peculiarities of national industry development in 2013 are presented. On the basis of inner and external factors estimates and analysis the up-to-date trends of development and achievements of Ukrainian industry were subsequently considered and the prospects of its modernization were defined. The conclusions were made and recommendations were grounded that must be the basis of adequate to the modern challenges governmental decisions on Ukrainian industry development as a key compound of the national economy and competitive member of the world economy.

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