Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

The Journal of the Economy of Industry is a specialized scientific and practical periodical, which provides scholars, researchers, government representatives and enterprise practitioners, opportunity to present the results of their research and practical experience in the press and thus acquaint the public with them.

The Journal of the Economy of Industry is included in the List of specialized scientific editions of Ukraine (Presidium Decree № 1-05/03 of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine dated 08.07.2009).

The mission of the journal is to bring the economy of industry and industrial policy problems research to a leading edge level, encouraging the publication of the authors engaged in research and practice in these areas of economics.

Main principles of editorial policy:

1. The Editorial Board of “Economy of Industry” journal will not accept for publication any materials containing offensive language, aggression or ethnic, religious, racial or any other discrimination, inciting ethnic and racial hatred, or violating international legal norms and laws.

2. The journal accepts for publication papers that reflect the results of scientific studies that bring new and important contribution to our understanding of economic problems, economy of the industry in particular, explore the relationship and mutual influence of social and environmental drivers, as well as scientific progress on the economy in general and the economy of industry in particular.

3. The journal aims at broaden the scope of scientific research by publishing authors working at the intersection of disciplines: economics and ecology, economics and social sciences etc.

4. The journal provides access to research results through the timely release of our issues, publishing details about the new issues of the journal and its contents on the website of the journal in order to make the published information available to the scientific community, government representatives, students and graduate students.

Economy of Industry” journal publishes peer-reviewed manuscripts that were previously reviewed and evaluated by our editorial board and our external reviewers. Editorial Board will not review negative decisions in respect to materials received for review, and will not disclose review contents to contributors.

The main criteria for selecting and accepting manuscripts for publication in the “Economy of Industry” journal are originality, innovative and scientific importance, practical interest.

The editorial board of the Journal of the Economy of Industry seeks to ensure that the issue was of interest to readers not only in Ukraine but also internationally. Therefore, the editorial board is encouraging publications by foreign authors and teams of authors consisting of both Ukrainian and foreign scientists.

The editorial board of the Journal of the Economy of Industry is not responsible for the views, opinions, results and conclusions made by authors of articles published in our journal.


Section Policies


Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Peer Review Process

The journal "Economics of Industry" publishes manuscripts that have successfully passed external review, were previously reviewed and evaluated by the editorial board. The editorial board of the publication does not review negative responses to the materials submitted for its consideration, nor does it disclose their contents to the authors of the reviews.


Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate, open access to its content, based on the following principle: free, open access to research results helps to increase global knowledge sharing.


Journal rubrics

The journal covers a wide range of theoretical and applied problems of the economy in following topics:

Macroeconomic and regional problems of industrial development:

  • macroeconomic aspects of industrial development;
  • regional aspects of industrial development, territorially manufacturing and sci-tech complexes, industrial clusters;
  • market relations in industry; institutional transformations; problems of privatization, property and entrepreneurial business;
  • investment and innovation processes in industry.

Problems of strategy development, financial and economic regulation in industry:

  • industrial policy and branch aspects of an industry development;
  • budgetary, tax and monetary regulation of an industry development; prices and payments in industry;
  • economical problems of sustainable development of an industry, rational use of natural resources; environmental safety of industrial cities and industrial centres;
  • modelling the development of an industry, problems of informatization and modern IT.

Problems of economy of industrial enterprises and manufacturing complexes:

  • management, planning and regulation of an industry;
  • problems of capitalization of enterprises and integrated structures of an industry;
  • economy of industrial enterprises, manufacturing process management and R&D management;
  • reserves of the improvement of the effectiveness of industrial enterprises and manufacturing complexes.

Social and economic problems of industrial development:

  • management of social and economical development of an industry and industrial regions;
  • labour forces of industrial enterprises and regions;
  • social and labour relations in an industry, social protection of employees, social partnership, social researches in an industry and industrial regions;
  • protection of labour management, problems of safe living.